5 Tips to Design Best Custom Banner for Your Business or Event

March 19, 2013

In this AAA Flag & Banner blog, we will discuss 5 tips to design your custom banner, and the important of using professionals to create your sign for maximum exposure. 

One of the best ways to get attention to your business, special event, or project is by utilizing banners. To heighten your success with a banner, AAA will design your own customer banner that is the exactly the way that you want it. It is important to remember that these signs are often the first impression that potential customers will get of your business, this is why it is crucial to have professionals help you. With over 40 years of experience, AAA can help you create an effective banner design to create a visual impact. Here are 5 tips that will help you to design the best custom banner that will attract attention for your business, event, or project. 

1. Selecting the Correct Size of Banner. Custom banners come in all sizes. This is extremely important to make sure that you pick a size that will be visible from the distance that you want it to be seen. This means that you may have to actually scout out where you will want to place your sign. Think about where you will be placing your banner, and the obstacles that may be in the way of the banner. The size is crucial to ensuring that your sign is effective. If customers can’t see it, the message on your banner will not be seen! 

2. Text. When you begin creating your custom sign, think about the setting of where you will display it. This will help you determine the text and colors that you will use in your sign. When you are designing your sign, it can be very tempting to want to fit as much as text and color as you can, however, when designing, you must realize that less is more. By not filling the banner space completely, it will make your banner even more eye-catching and appealing. Of course, make sure that you put necessary information along with your contact information. The experts at AAA will help you create the best banner that will attract all customers. 

3. Fonts and Color. There are literally millions of fonts to choose from. If you want to make sure that your sign can be read by all, choose thick fonts that can be seen from a distance. If you sign is going to be seen closer, it may be okay to choose a more intricate font. Once you choose a font that you like, stick to choosing one more font that complements your original font. This will make your message stand out and won’t make your sign look busy. 

4. Color and Background. Choosing a single color scheme can also help give your custom banner a more professional look. Bright colors will draw attention to your sign, but make sure that they are not distracting or difficult to read. When you choose a background for your sign, make sure that it does not distract from the text. If you choose a color that doesn’t complement your font, your banner might stand out, but potential customers will not be able to read your sign. Colors like blue and green do not complement each other, and make signs hard to read. Colors like blue and yellow can make a banner stand out.

5. Finishing. This is the last and one of most important parts of creating a successful banner. Even a properly sized and expertly designed banner will be ineffective if the banner is poorly displayed. Material wrinkles in the banner, improper sewing of a hem, webbing or pockets, incorrect mounting hardware or a banner mounted crooked, can all take away from the banner message and reflect poorly on the business. AAA’s experienced sewers and installers guarantee a professional look and installation, including providing a free site survey prior to printing. The site survey helps to determine how the banner should be sewn and if the banner should be flat mounted to a wall, hung from above, or displayed on a banner stand or frame.

Effective banner display involves much more than just installing a banner. AAA takes the time and proper steps to ensure banners create a maximum impact, offering businesses a wide range of resources, recommendations for printing and material choices, plus expertise in design, finishing and installation services. Call AAA Flag & Banner today at 855-218-3300.