Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board Gift Wall Showcases Our Full Range of Services

January 15, 2020

AAA Flag & Banner recently partnered with the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board on an exciting project that showed off our full range of capabilities. We designed and built a “gift wall” at the PCMA Convening Leaders 2020 conference in San Francisco that delighted event attendees and helped to spread the word about business travel to Los Angeles.

The gift wall consisted of several doors opening to compartments that were filled with branded giveaways such as hats and sunglasses. Attendees could choose a gift from the wall after filling out a form on a nearby tablet. Behind the gift wall was a space where workers could refill the compartments as gifts were selected.

The project highlighted some of the different services that AAA Flag & Banner provides to clients. Our Creative Services team worked with the client to develop the concept for the gift wall. From there, our Fabrication team created the gift wall, which featured many uniquely shaped doors with an array of interesting handles. The gift wall also had a picture of the Walt Disney Concert Hall printed directly on its MDO surface.

The end result was an eye-catching attraction that attracted attention and helped to spread excitement about Southern California as a destination for business events. You can see the results in a video below along with images of the gift wall.