US Open of Surfing


The historic US Open of Surfing has taken place since 1959, attracting thousands of cheering spectators and temporarily transforming the town of Huntington Beach. The beach near the pier becomes a mini town, featuring tents for event sponsors and retailers, grandstands for watching the competition, a skate park, boardwalks, and additional viewing areas on the pier. With the right graphics, the event has the potential to become a fully immersive, integrated experience for surfing fans.


To help visitors find their way and keep them engaged in the experience every step of the way, AAA Flag & Banner prints large format banners, pole banners, flags, a leaderboard, way-finding signs and more. Each year, we also fabricate and install a giant stopwatch on the pier that houses the time clock for the competition (see image five  of the pier).


With our help, the US Open of Surfing becomes a larger-than-life experience. Spectators and surfers alike can’t help getting caught up in the excitement, making for a memorable event year after year.