At AAA Flag and Banner, we believe it is our responsibility to engage in and promote more sustainable practices within our business, industry and community. We continually work to maximize the use of more environmentally friendly materials and processes. In support of these efforts we commit to the following practices.

We will:

Comply with all environmental, health and safety regulations, actively promote safe work practices and monitor our activities. This will assure a safe and healthy environment for our employees and the community.

Foster a culture of continuous improvement in all of our business activities and push our environmental and process oriented initiatives beyond regulatory compliance. We will evaluate and report on our activities to assure measurable progress is being made.

Go beyond the facility and into the community through a strong partnership with environmental organizations. These on-going collaborations will allow us to achieve new and innovative ways
to improve sustainability by reducing consumption and maximizing ef ciency to revitalize products and actions.

Work to reduce or eliminate sources of pollution within our in uence. Through better planning, process management and more ef cient use of consumables, we will control our waste stream, reducing its sources wherever possible.

Continually work to increase our use and reuse of production by-products, as well as improve our recycling network. We will also educate and encourage our customers and suppliers on reuse, storage and recycle product options.

Maintain a disciplined management system to monitor and assess our progress, take corrective action where necessary, and report on the status of our sustainability efforts annually.

Share all goals and initiatives with all stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers, and the community at large.