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Introducing SafeTouch by AAA Flag & Banner

Introducing SafeTouch by AAA Flag & Banner post preview image

As many industries begin to safely reopen, it’s important to help keep both guests and employees as safe as possible. For locations with particularly high foot traffic, however, this can be a challenge. Companies are searching for ways to keep their brand at the forefront while also reducing the amount of contact exposure for visitors.

On high-touch surfaces, it is extremely easy for bacteria and other germs to spread. Even over the course of a typical 24 hour cleaning cycle, what is commonly referred to as a “biofilm” will easily (and quickly) develop. Composed of microorganisms and other bacteria, this film typically requires mechanical cleaning. If left unaddressed for even longer periods of time, the dangerous microbial community will only continue to grow.

To the human eye, however, these surfaces will still appear completely clean. Even with a daily disinfectant, tabletops, counters, cashier windows, and more will all continue to develop biofilm. And for areas that are particularly difficult or out of reach during a scheduled cleaning cycle, they may go days—even weeks—before being properly disinfected.

Fortunately, there’s a more effective solution. Designed to destabilize biofilm bacteria, silver ions offer a barrier to help prevent the spread of germs. AAA Flag & Banner SafeTouch is a clear antimicrobial film, manufactured with encapsulated silver ions, which protects your premises 24/7 and is effective for up to five years. Within a single hour of exposure, the silver ion film is capable of destroying 99.99% of present bacteria.

As microorganisms are introduced to the surface of the film, the ions force alterations to the bacteria cell wall. As the cell becomes compromised, silver ions aggressively interfere with the production of cell energy, enzyme function, and cell replication. Meaning? No more spread of harmful germs. Upon contact, the surface is immediately neutralized.

The possible applications of SafeTouch are far-reaching. Showing no signs of altered effectiveness, the film has also been approved for custom printed applications. Different than other copper-based products, the silver ions offer no tint or discoloration, allowing for a completely clear base. As a result, companies can now not only protect their guests, but also effectively promote their brand.

Our facilities are willing and able to help manufacture custom antimicrobial films, even at a large scale. Our team of in-house graphic designers can also work closely with you to design high-impact visuals, customized to fit your unique application. Most importantly, we have the necessary infrastructure in place to help ensure that only the safest products leave our warehouse.

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