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Introducing SafeTouch Fabric by AAA Flag & Banner

Introducing SafeTouch Fabric by AAA Flag & Banner post preview image

Over the past two months, we’ve received an incredibly positive response following the release of our SafeTouch™ Antimicrobial Film. This versatile product has exceeded all expectations and has helped dozens of businesses begin to safely reopen. 

Since we’ve been working closely with each of our clients to install our SafeTouch™ Film, we saw a larger need in the market. And although our film offers an incredibly wide range of possible applications, there was an opportunity for AAA Flag & Banner to provide even more versatility when it comes to promoting a brand and protecting customers. 

We’re excited today to announce the launch of our SafeTouch™ Antimicrobial Fabric.

Cleaning Protocols for Businesses During COVID-19

On particularly high-touch surfaces—like counters, kiosks, and door handles—it is extremely easy for bacteria and other germs to spread. Especially for businesses that have started to welcome back more of their guests and staff, higher amounts of foot traffic come with higher risks. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, many businesses have also established heightened cleaning protocols to help minimize exposure at their location. In many cases, this has left some staff members occupied and unable to attend to customers or guests. 

Possible Applications for SafeTouch™ Fabric

SafeTouch™ Fabric offers a wide variety of uses, including:

  • SEG frame systems
  • Separation walls
  • Backdrops
  • Table covers
  • Face masks
  • Sanitation stations 
  • Pop up banners
  • Event banners

Why Choose SafeTouch™ Fabric

At its core, SafeTouch™ Fabric is designed to eliminate bacteria and help keep your guests and staff safe. Its antimicrobial properties eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and mildew on contact, resulting in substantially less maintenance and minimized risk. Our film is also completely customizable and can be printed with any logo or design. Optic white fabric provides image sharpness and vibrant color, all while maintaining its effectiveness.

In the case of spills or other stains, our SafeTouch™ Fabric will maintain its antimicrobial treatment for up to 30 gentle washes at 104°F. This is especially valuable for restaurants or other locations who may be using SafeTouch™ Fabric for tablecloths or other counter coverings. 

SafeTouch™ Fabric is also safety rated, including flame-retardant and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certified for safe skin contact. 

Look for the SafeTouch™ Seal

To allow your clients, staff, and partners to identify areas protected with our antimicrobial fabric, AAA Flag & Banner has created the SafeTouch™ label which can be applied to doors, counters, windows, tables, banners, and more. This seal indicates antimicrobial protection throughout your premises.

Interested in learning more about how SafeTouch™ can be utilized at your location? Request a quote today and tell us more about how we can work together.