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Reopening Safely at the Miami Design Preservation League

Reopening Safely at the Miami Design Preservation League post preview image

With many cities around the country starting to slowly reopen, it’s important that businesses take all necessary steps to help protect their guests and staff, while ensuring compliance with OSHA, CDC, and WHO requirements.  Although this is undoubtedly easier said than done, ensuring maximum safety is in everyone’s best interest. Whether you operate in the service industry, the retail space, manufacturing or somewhere in between, we are all facing unique circumstances as we head back to work and adjust to new and unprecedented ways of doing business. 

In Miami Beach, Florida, we recently completed a comprehensive reopening installation for the Miami Design Preservation League. The organization is beginning to reintroduce walking tours and other activities into their events schedule, but guest safety remains a top concern. AAA Flag & Banner’s work with MDPL included installing custom germ shields, SafeTouch antimicrobial film, and social distancing floor graphics. 

For businesses who rely on customer interaction—whether that be through kiosks, check-in counters, or admission windows—germ shields provide a safer alternative for both guests and employees to maintain face-to-face contact. These shields can be custom fabricated to accommodate normal business operations, such as the need to exchange money, tickets, or receipts. 


For particularly high-touch surface areas, our antimicrobial film offers a protective barrier that prevents the rapid spread of germs and bacteria. We worked closely with MDPL to install SafeTouch throughout their location, including tabletops, counters, and all entrance and exit points. The clear film is applied directly to door handles and other surfaces and its antimicrobial properties never diminish, providing added comfort and peace of mind for staff and customers.  



Finally, our custom printed floor decals serve as a helpful reminder to maintain proper social distance from other guests and staff. Placed six feet apart, these decals are designed to facilitate better shopper and visitor management, even providing instructions for one-way aisles and other restrictions as needed. Made from durable vinyl with a variety of application options, these functional graphics are also capable of withstanding high amounts of foot traffic. 

We were honored to help the Miami Design Preservation League safely reopen this month. MDPL is a non-profit organization devoted to preserving, protecting, and promoting the integrity of the Miami Beach Architectural Historic District and educating visitors is a key component to the success of their initiatives. They place great emphasis on supporting residents of Miami Beach, particularly in instances of cultural, social, and environmental importance. Ever since its founding in 1976, the organization has worked tirelessly to implement policies that help protect the historic value of Miami Beach. To learn more about their mission, please visit