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Street Barricades for Expanded Outdoor Dining

Street Barricades for Expanded Outdoor Dining post preview image

With hundreds of thousands of restaurants across the country searching for ways to safely welcome back their staff and patrons, many are getting creative when it comes to increasing their capacity. As the CDC continues to underscore the risks associated with gathering indoors, restaurants are eager for an outdoor alternative. But for many establishments—particularly those that lack patios or other seating options—their existing location may not meet the necessary reopening criteria.

The Importance of Outdoor Dining

Many cities are helping local businesses expand their footprint. Municipalities are working directly with highly-impacted areas to barricade streets and parking in order to expand outdoor dining options. Not only does this offer a safer environment to minimize the spread of COVID-19, but it also ensures greater distance between guests. Restaurants can easily take advantage of the valuable real estate that already exists just beyond their front door. 

The Latest Reopening Criteria

Beyond their primary purpose, these barricades also give restaurants and cities an opportunity to highlight new hours of operation, special promotions, dine-in or takeout options, and more. As reopening procedures continue to evolve, these barriers can also be updated with new information using a small adhesive strip that is designed to blend into the existing graphics. This cost-effective alternative keeps all materials current and as up-to-date as possible, ensuring a smooth transition between each phase of reopening. 

Unique, High-Impact Graphics

Created by our team of in-house designers, our decals and vinyl wraps offer endless possibilities. We work closely with both restaurants and municipalities to ensure all graphics are approved prior to installation. Additionally, our production and printing team carefully wraps each barrier, ensuring a seamless removal process for future use outside of each temporary installation. 


An Evolving Restaurant Landscape

As the typical dine-in experience continues to evolve over the next several months, it will be crucial for restaurants to evolve and adapt their operations whenever possible. With many states rolling back their reopening schedules to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep their communities safe, many businesses will face new challenges when it comes to serving their customers. 

Interested in learning more about how we can partner with your city or establishment? We’d love to hear from you.